Designed to transform a variety of data into a ready-to-consume format for payments.

Continue to expand through the growth of our bank network partnerships.

Our service is competitive, easy to use and offers around-the-clock processing.


Billerfy’s payment API web services and ETL/ELT data integration services are applied to all payment transactions below that is compliant with bank’s cash management payment formats, ensuring payments are processed at the highest rates of pass-through processing. This minimizes data exceptions and offers consistent, scalable delivery.

  • Interac Auto-deposit - Get paid without lifting a finger! Now, when your customer sends your organization email money through Interac auto-deposit e-Transfer®, you can enjoy the convenience of having the sender of email money automatically deposit the amount into your organization’s business account. You don’t need to do anything – no security questions and no need to select the financial institution to receive the money. Your customer logs in to their online banking that supports the Interac auto-deposit e-Transfer® and simply adds the dedicated unique email address that is assigned to your organization by Billerfy and your customers can send the money. It’s that easy.
    • Payment is instant guaranteed push funds
    • Receive instant email notifications of auto-deposits
    • Run reports of auto-deposits during business days
    • Push guaranteed funds instantly
    • The sender’s sending limit is set by their financial institution
  • Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Debit Pull service - Enables you to collect/receive funds and debit your customer’s bank accounts electronically at any financial institution in Canada in an automatically recurring, fixed or sporadic receivable basis from your customers using the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) direct debit payment service.
    • Identify insufficient fund payments quickly
    • Identify wrong bank accounts and debit pull errors quickly
    • Receive the incoming debit amount on the next business day
  • Direct Push Deposits - With the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) direct credit push payment service, automatically deposit one-time, recurring and sporadic payments directly into the bank accounts of all your payees using Canadian Financial Institutions.
    • Stop processing labour-intensive cheques
    • Make your payments electronically
    • Improve your cash flow planning with our reporting tools
  • Bulk Interac e-Transfer® - You can send electronic payments in a batched process via email or mobile phone text message to payees anywhere in Canada. Bulk Interac e-Transfer® can be used for same-day within-minutes payments such as payroll for staff, company rebates, invoice payments and much more.
  • Why use it?
    • Saves time and money. By migrating from cheques, reduce the manual administration of writing or printing system-generated cheques, snail mailing and reconciliation.
    • Keeps you informed. Business day reporting lets you know the status of each Bulk Interac e-Transfer payment.
    • Has flexible delivery. Funds are sent and available to the recipient the same day - potentially giving you a competitive advantage for your business.
    • Is safe and secure. The unique security question means only the recipient can accept the funds so no more cheque fraud and costly write-offs. Plus, funds are transferred exclusively through the Interac network.
    • Supports your brand. You can reinforce your brand by adding your customized message in the e-Transfer notification to your customers.


  • As a financial technology company that develops and operates an essential business application for payment aggregators, and organizations by leveraging the financial institution's payment systems, Billerfy voluntarily complies with the KYC, record keeping, and risk assessment requirements of Canada's Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act.
  • Billerfy's service is transparent, secure, and simple to understand. Our partners and clients benefit from our expertise in managing safe market entry, including licenses, registrations, local partnerships and physical presence. Our payment space expertise ensures that all payments meet the many technical, due diligence and screening requirements of all the jurisdictions they touch upon. We negotiate the inevitable conflicts between the various regime requirements and even the risk appetites of the many players in any end-to-end international payments chain.
  • Billerfy demands that its compliance function is a trusted advisor to the business, overseeing a robust, integrated and effective compliance risk control framework. Billerfy understands that compliance is core to the offering; it is at the heart of what we do. We are not just about safely servicing client payments across their current business footprint, but we enable and support clients who want to move from domestic to international payments or who wish to expand regionally or globally in other ways.
  • Billerfy safeguards client’s funds through pre-funded client segregated accounts held with authorized financial institutions.
  • Billerfy has extensive experience of all financial services regulatory compliance issues including Transaction monitoring/reporting, fraud, AML/CTF, sanctions screening, KYC/CDD/EDD, and data protection.