• Modernize payments by creating straightforward ways to receive and disburse funds, at a fraction of the cost of existing methods.
  • Deliver high-urgency volume payments such as bulk payroll, expense disbursements and pension payments efficiently, accurately and on time.
  • Provide direct-to-bank payment services that extract data and transform data into a ready-to-consume format.
  • Make and receive e-commerce payments efficiently, processing high volume, payments with reduced risk.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Rapid advances in technology combined with significant shifts in consumer behaviour are transforming the payments landscape within banks and financial institutions.

Confronting new and non-traditional threats, institutions are seeking effective payment solutions to avoid becoming disadvantaged in this fast-evolving environment.

With Billerfy, financial institutions are expanding their customer base and efficiently capturing revenue streams that are generated through their cash management platform.


Organizations can now offer more competitive, lower-cost payment options through Billerfy’s single out-of-the-box commercial and direct-to-bank integration platform.

Payment Aggregators

Companies providing banking software solutions and wholesale Financial Services benefit from integrating Billerfy into their service offering.

These companies enable a Billerfy turnkey solution appended to their core services, generating new revenue streams and enhancing client retention.

Our white-label service seamlessly enables payment aggregators to offer more competitive services and annuity transaction revenue.

Ecommerce Companies

Billerfy enables online and digital commerce providers, merchant acquirers and payment gateways to handle large volumes of consumer and corporate payments efficiently and transparently through a single connection.

E-commerce companies need more effective means to quickly and transparently pay the proceeds of high volume sales to suppliers and sub-merchants on a frequent, recurring and often, daily basis.