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    ETL/ELT data integration using Billerfy’s payment API platform.
    A new tool to implement a turn-key payment solution


Billerfy is a provider of core payment API web services. A software as a service (SaaS) for banks and organizations. We manage and connect our payment API web services to Financial Institutions’ Cash Management Platform. We accomplished this through the Extract Transform Load (ETL) or Extract Load Transform (ELT). Data integration approaches, organizations need tools to extract data and transform data into a ready-to-consume format for banks. Because of the variety of payment data formats available in banks, the work required to accomplish these objectives can become complex and costly. This new approach and tool for ETL and ELT integration empower banks, payment aggregators, organizations and their customers to refine and expand on standard cash management services and to provide the necessary components to achieve better ETL/ELT data integration.

As a financial technology company that develops payment API web services and ETL/ELT data integration, Billerfy voluntarily complies with the KYC, record keeping, and risk assessment requirements of Canada's Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act.


Billerfy develops and provides turn-key, streamline, cost-effective payment API web services and ETL/ELT solutions, servicing:




    Why should banks, payment aggregators, and organizations use the Billerfy Platform to implement API web services payment solutions and ETL/ELT?

    Billerfy has a unique approach towards bank's cash management connectivity, which differentiates its solutions from standard payment platforms. Billerfy Platform is uniquely positioned to help banks, payment aggregators, and organizations implement payment API web services ETL/ELT processes because it provides a variety of capabilities, including:

    Enabling advanced data transformation and aggregation

    Providing out-of-the-box, pre-built connectivity to SaaS and on-premise systems

    Scheduling and implementing transactions data capture

    Maximizing the value of payment APIs in ETL/ELT implementations

    Implementing other advanced capabilities, such as bank account verification, alerts and 2-factor authentication


If you are a bank, a payment aggregator, and an organization with payment API ETL/ELT dependencies, having difficulties connecting with a local bank and lack the tools needed to extract data and transform data into a ready-to-consume format for payments, we can help. Billerfy provides a highly-flexible, compliant and cost-effective payment API web services ETL/ELT with the bank's cash management platform. Please feel free to contact us today and we will be pleased to help you with your banking connectivity and payment needs.